Monday, October 9, 2017
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7:00pm Category: Classes[7:00pm] Hoopla Impro Workshop
7pm - 9:30pm 12.50 Book online at A flexible weekly improv workshop, different topic every Monday including things like Back to Basics, Yes And, Listening, Agreement, Character and Storytelling. We create a safe, fun, friendly and supportive environment where improvisers are free to play and be themselves. Each session will start with some fun warm ups and core skills like Listening & Yes And before focussing on the week's main theme (different theme each week). In the second half there will be a mix of fun performance games, scenes, stories and improv formats. After that there is an optional social at the local pub. Most of all the focus will be on improvising in a fun and carefree way, and getting lots of practice in. If you want to do a more thorough improv course take a look at our longer improv courses and also our longer weekend improv classes.

Category: Classes[7:00pm] Improv for Beginners
A fun four-week introduction to improv for anybody who is curious what it's all about. Suitable for complete beginners, no acting/comedy/stage experience needed at all. We'll play some improv games, practise some core skills, get to know some new people and have lots of fun. Great for anybody who feels nervous about public speaking, wants to be more creative, meet new people, or just try something new. Improvisation is a fantastic tool for acting, comedy, and life, because it means saying, "yes!" and supporting your team members to create a show. You'll surprise yourself with the things you come up with, and be amazed at how comfortable you start to feel being silly on stage. You'll meet some of the most positive and lovely people in the world at improv classes as well, and hopefully make some very good new friends. These classes are suitable for just about everybody, no matter your background. The venue is wheelchair accessible, and most levels of physical fitness and ability can easily be accommodated. You'll also need good basic English skills, but please don't be worried if it's your second language. 4 Mondays from 7-930, starting September 18. Classes are held at the Nursery Training Centre, Capital House, Weston Street SE1 3QD. Diversity Scholarships: Improvable are pleased to announce a new diversity scholarship program, designed to make sure everybody who wants to play has a chance to. There are no set criteria for who can apply; if you want to come to a class but would struggle to pay for it, you are welcome to fill out an application form. We will do our very best to find a place or some help for all who need, and you are in no way obliged to disclose any sensitive personal information in your application. More information can be found here: About your teacher: Karolina was produced in Poland and born in Austria. Being raised bilingual she always had a soft spot for words and was a bubbly child who loved to engage total strangers into random conversations, much to her parents dislike. She studied Journalism and Theater theory at the University in Vienna and became a journalist and editor. After some years of writing depressing news she decided to follow her dream, joined a small theatre in Vienna and started to take drama classes. In 2012 she moved to London and continued to train as an actress. Her first contact with Impro was at the gentle age of 31 and she immediately fell in love. Through improv courses with City Academy and Hoopla she met the rest of the Improvable gang. Even though she is Austrian, she fails continously to do a good Schwarzenegger impression, but makes up for it with her many other skills, amongst them being able to cook 2 different dishes, being a really good driver, having a loud voice, and looking much younger than she actually is. She is also an actress, who performs on stage as well as on screen.

Category: Shows[7:30pm] Impropriety's Improvised Soap
Episode 4 We are SUPER excited to announce the 2017 weekly soap dates. From 18th September join us at 81 Renshaw every Monday for our 6 part weekly soap opera. Each week the story will contiue with it's denoument on 23rd October. And you, the audience will discover the storyline and plot at exactly the same time as those on stage as we make it all up as we go along. And even more exciting....the first 3 episodes will part of the wonderful Liverpool Comedy Festival. So Mondays 18th, 25th Sept and 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd October.

Category: Classes[7:30pm] We Want Information impro workshop
Description: We have been going for five years. Emphasis on doing as much scene work as possible. Mixture of games, scenes and longform. No workshop on a bank holiday. Cost: 7.00.