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7:00pm Category: Classes[7:00pm] Hoopla Impro Workshop
7pm - 9:30pm 12.50 Book online at A flexible weekly improv workshop, different topic every Monday including things like Back to Basics, Yes And, Listening, Agreement, Character and Storytelling. We create a safe, fun, friendly and supportive environment where improvisers are free to play and be themselves. Each session will start with some fun warm ups and core skills like Listening & Yes And before focussing on the week's main theme (different theme each week). In the second half there will be a mix of fun performance games, scenes, stories and improv formats. After that there is an optional social at the local pub. Most of all the focus will be on improvising in a fun and carefree way, and getting lots of practice in. If you want to do a more thorough improv course take a look at our longer improv courses and also our longer weekend improv classes.

Category: Classes[7:00pm] Impropriety Improv Jam Workshop
The nights are drawing in, there'll are Christmas decorations in the shops even though we won't have even had Bommie night yet! What else better to do.....THAN MAKE STUFF UP & LAUGH TIL YOU WEE A LITTLE! Whether you've done it loads, done it a little or done it never at all ever before we can guarantee that you will laugh a lot and discover bits of your brain you didn't even know were there! 4 for 2 hours of made up magic

Category: Classes[7:00pm] The Maydays Performance Short Form Improvisation Comedy Course
Level 2 of the Maydays short form improvised comedy courses. This 8 week, level 2 course will go more deeply into the techniques that make improvisation games fly! Character, object work, wordplay, physical comedy. Learn more about the kind of games you like and your own improv superpowers. And do a show at the end for friends and family! What can I expect? A refresher of the principles of improv (listening and saying yes) An opportunity to play ‘Whose line is it anyway’ short form improv games in front of the group How to do some of the trickier performance games Directing your own short form show. Who is this course suitable for? Adults aged 18 – 100 Those who are graduates of Maydays level 1 (or equivalent). Those with some acting experience. Performance showcase for family & friends at the Maydays Studio on 13th March 2019 ‘More exciting and terrifying than white water rafting. Tremendous shared hilarity and a great way to meet lovely talented people. Failure and success become far less important than just having fun.’ £175.00 - 10% Early Bird Discount Ends 14th December at Midnight GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE VIA OUR SHOP

Category: Classes[7:00pm] The Maydays Performance ‘Stealing from Theatre’ Improvisation Course
In Level 3 of The Maydays advanced improvisation courses, you’ll have 8 weeks to explore what it means to improvise a play. We’ll consider the differences between a ‘theatre’ show and an improv show, how to get from the start to the finish, and we’ll look at the improv ‘rule’ book with a critical eye. What does it mean to be ‘theatrical’? How do we know what’s coming next? Does a play have to be narrative? What can we learn from the likes of Brecht, Pinter, Naturalism, Expressionism, Theatre of the Absurd, Classical, Shakespeare, Eclectic or Contemporary playmakers (nb Don’t worry if this means nothing to you now!) You’ll be encouraged to research theatre styles before trying things out in workshops. What can you expect? Stagecraft – space on the stage and how to utilise it to make it – and us – mean something Stealing creative ideas from scripted theatre shows Emotional Intensity Narrative – getting from the start to the finish Status Direct address and breaking the fourth wall We’ll develop our improv toolkit before performing a show (or shows) that aim to look like scripted theatre. Emotionally connected scenes, relationships, conflict, serious and dramatic themes, sadness, delight, physicality and maybe even multimedia (music, lights, props etc). Who is this course suitable for? Adults ages 18-100 People who have enjoyed longform performance courses already Any improviser who has already done a level 2 or 3 course Performance showcase for family & friends at the Maydays Studio at 8 pm on 11th March 2019. “Creative, funny, loving and supportive. All you ever need in life. The Maydays are all these and more. Jump into Improv with these guys. You’ll never regret a moment!” £175.00 – 10% Early Bird Discount Ends 14th December at Midnight GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE VIA OUR SHOP

Category: Classes[7:00pm] We Want Information: No workshop this week. Back Mon 28th
There is no workshop this week, following the scene last week in which a crocodile was one of the panellists in Question Time. Join us Monday 28th for more wild animal current affairs cross-over. We Want Information impro workshop. Please note that we now start half an hour earlier at 7pm. Cost £7. Every Monday except Bank Holidays. Now in our eighth year.

Category: Shows[7:30pm] Showstopper! The Improvised Muiscal
The Olivier Award winning Showstopper! The Improvised Musical plays at The Other Palace for a limited 8 week run!

Category: Shows[7:30pm] Toadally Free Comedy at the Blue Orange Theatre
Free Form Frogs - Members of Box of Frogs workshop - present their own inimitable brand of high-octane improvised nonsense from audience suggestions. All your favourite improv games, unrehearsed and improvised entirely live. No-one knows what will happen, least of all us! Expect to laugh, expect to be amazed - but most of all expect the unexpected. Absolutely free, with our usual cast iron guarantee laugh, or your money back!"

Category: Shows[8:00pm] Duck Duck Goose Improv jam
Three top improv acts, plus YOU can play in two-person scenes and montages. Free show.