Sunday, July 28, 2019
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11:00am Category: Classes[11:00am] Drop in - Norwich
Drop in - Norwich

1:00pm Category: Classes[1:30pm] The Maydays Story Starters – Writing from Improv Workshop
The aim of this Maydays workshop is to break creative writing blocks and produce ideas for stories that you can work on in your own time. We’ll spend 3.5-hours alternatively improvising, writing, improvising and writing… inspired by original material that really interests us. Collaboration is positively encouraged as is sharing ideas and offering advice. What can I expect? – Short improv exercises & scenes to spark ideas – Concentrated writing stints (please bring computers, pens, paper, or any writing implement that floats your boat) – Sharing ideas for collaboration and advice – Coffee, tea, biscuits Who is this course suitable for? – Adults aged 18 100 – People who are comfortable and experienced improvising scenes and/or games (I will generally have experienced improvisers doing scenes and less experienced ones doing games to save time). – Improvisers who like writing, and writers who enjoy improvising. This workshop will be hosted by Mayday, Jenny Rowe. The workshop will run on Sunday 28th July from 1.30pm-5pm at The Maydays Studio, 12A Regency Square, Brighton. Jen has been writing for, ooh, ages. Shes run a number of writing for improv courses with The Maydays, and devising workshops with ACT Brighton and Chichester Festival Theatre courses over the past 14 years. Her self-penned solo-play Tiptree – No one Elses Damn Secret But My Own is intermittently touring the country and she has had a few short stories and other writings published, performed, or short and longlisted in competitions. “Go for it…its a fun and supportive environment where you can try new things, play, and embrace mistakes and make them part of the fun.” Just £35.00 – this workshop is limited to 12, so BOOK NOW!

7:00pm [7:30pm] Dogface Face-Off! NORWICH Battle shows!
Sunday 22nd Jan 2017, 8pm at the Doghouse Bar Come and watch our new monthly improv battle show. 2 teams of improviser battling it out - who will win, you decide!

Category: Shows[8:00pm] Dinner and a Movie - with Genre Claude Van Damme
Share some of your best worst dating stories to inspire something even more embarrassing - long form improv. And after that The Movie! See everything you'd expect from a movie improvised live on stage -- dramatic camera angles, tense editing, high-flying action sequences and tender denouement. Never-before-seen movies created from audience suggestions that span every era, every style, and every genre, but never with 3D glasses. There will also be a jam if anyone in the audience feels the desire to participate. FREE.