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10:00am Category: Classes[10:00am] The Maydays Improvising Shakespeare
Improv Intensive Weekend Workshop with The Maydays and Impromptu Shakespeare's, Jenny Rowe In this Level 2 weekend workshop, you’ll spend two days improvising in the style of Shakespeare’s plays. Shakespeare was a genius, so whilst we probably can’t quite reach his level of playwriting in 48 hours, we CAN learn a huge amount to inspire and develop our improvised theatre and comedy performances. Over two days, you’ll immerse yourself in Shakespearean language, stories, types of characters, and explore the Elizabethan World to create your own versions of scenes and sketches in the style of Shakespeare’s plays. What can I expect? – What did Shakespeare ever do for us? Soliloquy, monologues, entrances, chorus, set-description, deaths, narration, verse, etc. – Simile and metaphor to make your language more poetic and descriptive (inc. making up words). – What is Iambic pentameter? Why it’s not scary (and why we won’t use it much anyway). – Playing Status – Improvising as Elizabethans (in their world). – Exploring Shakespeare’s stories (comedy, tragedy, history, magic, shipwrecks, and more). and deaths. Who is this course suitable for? – Improvisers, and actors with some improvisation experience (Level 1 Maydays course, or above). – 17-100 years old! – Performers who want to explore Shakespeare from a fresh angle – Improvisers who want to develop and explore their verbal dexterity and theatrical stagecraft. This course is being led by Maydays superstar, Jenny Rowe who also performs with Impromptu Shakespeare Saturday 23rd and Sunday 4th November 2019, 10am-3pm each day at The Maydays Studio, Brighton. £105.00 or book before the 23rd October for a £10 Early Bird discount – BOOK NOW!

Category: Classes[11:30am] Hoopla Impro Workshop
A different theme every Saturday including things like Beginners Improv, Character, Scenes, Narrative, Long-Form and more. Hoopla offer one of the most fun, friendly, sociable and stress-free environments to learn improvisation in the UK. Hoopla create a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere in workshops where people are free to play and be themselves. Time: 11:30am - 5pm. Price: 25. Maximum Class Size: 14. Details and booking at

Category: Classes[1:00pm] The Nursery/Maydays drop in class
What is it? An afternoon of improvisation fun! Working on the skills at the heart of improvisation, such as listening, making offers and committing to your choices, each week you will go a little further into improvisation, meeting new people and working with different teachers. Every class is stand alone, so you can come along to one, or be there every week! Who is it for? The drop-in is a wide ability class, so everyone is welcome! It is ideal for people trying improvisation for the first time, or more experienced players who want to work on core skills. The atmosphere is accessible, fun and non-judgemental and you will find yourself doing things you never thought you could. What will I get out of it? Each week you will become more confident and relaxed onstage, taking more risks and feeling more creative and liberated. You will learn the attitudes and ideas that make improvisation work. You will also find these things translating into your everyday life. You will be more confident with people, more creative in your work and better able to respond to stress. What have previous students said? A great place to spend a fun Saturday afternoon with a great bunch of people and learn improv from some of the best teachers in the country. A very relaxed and non-judgemental atmosphere which allowed everyone to learn from each other. Lots of fun! You can secure your place by clicking here to book in advance online, or drop in on the day*. Class is capped at 14, and we cannot guarantee a place if you do not book in advance.

Category: Classes[2:00pm] Alan Marriott's Weekly Drop-in Improv Workshop!
Improv veteran Alan Marriott is once again running a weekly drop-in improv workshop in a space that is over 1,000 years old! Whether you are an actor, voiceover, creative, entrepreneur, or just want to learn to think creatively in a really fun and playful atmosphere, this is the class for you. This weekly two hour workshop covers all facets of improv theory and practice including blocking/acceptance and "yes-and" skills, character, status transaction, narrative and storytelling skills, plus every fourth week a class dedicated to musical improv skills. Location: Merton Priory Chapter House Chapter Way, London SW19 2RX Fee: £20 _________________________________________________________ Alan has been performing and teaching improv in North America and Europe for over 25 years, alongside improv legends such as Keith Johnstone, Colin Mochrie, Eddie Izzard, Tony Slattery, Steve Frost, Pippa Evans, Ruth Bratt and Jeremy Hardy. For more on Alan and his work, visit his website at

Category: Shows[8:00pm] Hoopla Improv Comedy Club
Hoopla present a selection of the best improvised comedy in London every Friday & Saturday night. At least two different improv groups each night from the UKs flourishing live impro scene. Hooplas Improv Comedy Club was recently recommended as the best place to see improvised comedy in London by both The Daily Telegraph AND The Londonist. If improvisation floats your boat you should head to Hoopla. Theres fewer better ways to see what spur-of-the-moment comedy London has to offer. - The Londonist. We have various styles of improv each night including short-form games, scenes, long-form, and improv musicals. After the main shows we also host additional informal late night shows and jams.