Sunday, December 15, 2019
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11:00am Category: Classes[11:00am] Drop in - Norwich
Drop in - Norwich

8:00pm Category: Shows[8:00pm] Dinner and a Movie - with Genre Claude Van Damme
Share some of your best worst dating stories to inspire something even more embarrassing - long form improv. And after that The Movie! See everything you'd expect from a movie improvised live on stage -- dramatic camera angles, tense editing, high-flying action sequences and tender denouement. Never-before-seen movies created from audience suggestions that span every era, every style, and every genre, but never with 3D glasses. There will also be a jam if anyone in the audience feels the desire to participate. FREE.

10:00pm Category: Classes[10:30pm] Beginning as you mean to go on
Improv Intensive Weekend Workshop with Mayday, Jules Munns Telling stories is a natural, human impulse. They allow us to sort and examine the world, learning from those who came before, whether they existed or not. Yet when improvising stories, it is all too common for narrative to seem more of a curse than a blessing. We find ourselves talking about what has just happened and having to work harder and harder to craft a story that works. And wheres the fun in just making something that works? What began as fun becomes slog and somehow the show seems to be all about making the show happen. In this two-day workshop, you will learn techniques to create story-driven improvisation in a way which creates and serves clear character goals, points of view and worldviews. You will find yourself building worlds which are subtle and nuanced, not simple parodies of genre and placing characters in them that have multiple possible fates, giving opportunities to surprise and delight your fellow players and audiences alike. This workshop will not teach you a formula for narrative improv – there isn’t one – but it will give a set of tools and ways of working which will help you to talk about and approach it and understand how a story-driven show can be constructed in such a way that it liberates rather than restricts, giving opportunity for simple, dramatic play. Who is this course suitable for? – Adults aged 18 – 100 – People who enjoyed Level 2 or 3 longform improv classes (performance level and/or advanced level 3 courses) – Improvisers already regularly performing longform scenes and shows In addition to being a member of the Maydays, Jules is the director of Fringe favourite Impromptu Shakespeare. He also directed Magicked – the Improvised Harry Potter and has, over the past five years, gone on a journey from resistance to narrative to delighting in it. This is his first intensive class in Brighton. Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th December 10.30am-5pm each day at The Maydays Studio Brighton £115.00 – or book before the 14th November for our £10 Early Bird discount BOOK NOW! Blogs about narrative improv: