Hivemind Presents: An Offer You Can't Refuse

Description: By day, this city's streets are bright and orderly. But by night, it is the playground of shysters and crooks, smugglers and thieves. The Mob is about to commit a crime so deadly, so devastating, that it will be down to the audience to tell them what it is…

Hivemind are a quartet of comic improvisers, freshly graduated from Cambridge and tackling adulthood much like they tackle their stage shows: with charismatic cluelessness. This year, on the first Friday of every month, they will weave a gripping noir thriller out of thin air. The audience provide us with a crime to commit, and we improvise an hour-long crime saga rife with violence, shocking betrayals, and inadequate street lighting, hurtling towards a dramatic denouement that neither you nor we will see coming.

Ensemble cast: Alex O’Bryan-Tear, Jack Lawrence, Anton Evans, Edward Elcock
Pianist: Stephen Gage
Lights: Eleanor Griffiths

January 20th
February 3rd
March 3rd
April 7th
(The 1st Friday of every month from February onwards)

More information
Location: The Hen & Chickens Theatre 109 St Pauls Road, London. N1 2NA
Date: Friday, January 20, 2017
Repeat Type: Monthly;Days=3FR
Time: 9:30pm-10:30pm GMT
Duration: 1 hour
Access: Public
Category: Shows*
Created by: Hive Mind
Updated: Friday, January 13, 2017 4:37pm GMT