Online Improv Class with Monkey Toast's David Shore

Description: This is a 6-week course, 2 hours per class, focusing on scene work, how to organically start and build a scene, how to improvise online (online tag-outs, sweeps, space-work, and more), characters, and how to keep your improv fresh.

The course will be conducted online via Zoom, so you must have either a computer or tablet with a camera and high speed internet. This is a not a beginner’s class, you must be able to do stand alone scenes and have experience with editing and tag outs to take part.

Dates: Thursdays, staring on October 15th end ending on November 19th
Time: 7-9pm BST
Cost: £60, payable via PayPal (or bank transfer if you have a Canadian bank account).
Class size: Max of 8

To sign up to the class, please email David at and he will then send you payment details. Also please email him if you have any questions.

Who is David Shore?

David Shore is an alumnus of the Second City Mainstage in Toronto and the IO West in Los Angeles where he was a player coach for four years. A thirteen-time Canadian Comedy Award Nominee and two-time winner, David is also the founder of the 6-time CCA winner, Monkey Toast: The Improvised Talk Show and was its host for 7 years before relocating to London, UK in 2010. While living London from 2010-17, David founded and was the artistic director of Monkey Toast UK, which trained over 700 students. He as over 20 years experience as an improviser and as an instructor. He taught at the Second City Training Centre from 2001-06, the Bad Dog Theatre (Toronto) from 2004-10.

Here’s what some former students have to say about taking classes with David:

“When I first discovered improv, I took every class I could. But the one that always stands out in my memory was David Shore's class. This class was much sought after and always sold out. And once I took it, I could see why. David has a passion for improv that is infectious. His ability to offer notes and suggestions to up your improv game is second to none. His enthusiasm, experience and thoughtful direction make his class one you don't want to miss. I would highly recommend anyone either starting out in improv or looking for a fresh perspective, to work with David.” - Lauren Ash, 2-time Canadian Comedy Award Winner for Best Female Improviser, Alumna of both Toronto and Chicago’s Second City Mainstage, currently starring on NBC’s Superstore.

“David is a relaxed yet instructional teacher, and creates a very safe space in his workshops so that you are encouraged to push yourself while learning. His notes are very helpful, he is especially talented at spotting what is holding one back (confidence in decisions/character/space work) and forcing you to confront those areas which you find hardest. This means that students might occasionally find classes difficult, but all will finish each level an improved improviser. Plus it’s loads of fun.” – Sara Pascoe, comedian/actress/author, Live at the Apollo, 2012, QI, Out of Her Mind, Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, author of Animal & Sex Power Money.

“Quite possibly the best improv eye in Toronto.” – Rob Baker, Alumnus, The Second City Mainstage.

“We took each and every one of David’s classes and had a wonderful, instructive time. Say 'yes and' to a David Shore class. You won't regret it.” – Max Olesker & Ivan Gonzalez, aka, Max & Ivan, Winners Fosters Edinburgh Spirit of the Fringe Award, 2011, Nominated, Best Show at Edinburgh Fringe, 2013, and Melbourne Comedy Festival, 2013, Radio 4’s Casebook of Max & Ivan.

“Every student of improv needs a class with David Shore. Not only is he knowledgeable and insightful but he’s honest and will get to the heart of your improv issues. I am a better improviser because of his classes.” – Jan Caruana, 2009 & 2013 Canadian Comedy Award winner for Best Female Improviser and Alumna, The Second City Mainstage.

“I can’t recommend David Shore’s improv course enough. David is committed to and passionate about making you a better improviser. I love MCing with a passion, and felt I’d come on leaps and bounds while doing David’s course, such is his ability to draw out that something extra you possibly thought/hoped/prayed was in there somewhere. I’ve even ended up working on projects with people I met on the course, so even when it’s over it’s never really over.” – James Gill, Comedian, MC/Producer of Always Be Comedy.

“David is a great instructor. His notes and his clear set of goals plus his experience in improvisation will definitely help you grow. Studying with David will make you a better improviser.”– Adam Cawley, 2014 Canadian Comedy Award winner for best Male Improver, Alumnus, The Second City Mainstage, co-host of The Backline – An Improv Podcast.
Date: Thursday, October 15, 2020
Repeat Type: Weekly;Days=TH;Count=6
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm BST
Duration: 2 hours
Access: Public
Created by: David Shore
Updated: Friday, September 25, 2020 3:19am GMT